Google extends satellite imagery

Google Maps does satelliteOn Monday Google expanded their Google Maps service to provide users with satellite imagery as well as the maps they provided previously. They work in the same way as the maps, so you can drag them around, zoom in and out and have your search results highlighted on the satellite photos as well. To view the satellite image equivalent, just click on 'satellite' in the top right hand corner of the page. The images are being provided by their Keyhole service, the full version of which is a downloadable programme which lets you view satellite photos of the whole planet and zoom into 1m resolution where available. Keyhole is only free for 7-days and I used up that trial period quite some time ago so it is good to see that they are providing at least some of that data for free again through their mapping website.

Like the Google Maps service though, you really need a fast connection to be able to use it effectively. I'm trying it on a dialup connection here and it's not working as seemlessly as it would on a faster connection. I'm looking forward to being able to experiment with their offering using a broadband connection when I get back to London at the weekend.