Whilst updating my MovableType blogging software earlier to let me tag my individual posts I seem to have dislodged the posts from the front page of the blog. They don't show up there at all now, though they do everywhere else in the blog.

I suppose that'll teach me not to make 'minor' changes when I'm in the middle of finishing off an essay and revising for my exams which start next week! I'll fix it in time (hopefully tonight), but for now please use the links down the right hand side of the page to find the latest posts.

On the positive side, tagging now works. If you look at the bottom of each post you'll see a 'Tags:' line with a number of tags after it, all linking to relevant posts over at Technorati. At some point I would like to extend it further so that you can click on a tag and it will show you all relevant posts on this site, but until then Technorati will do just fine. I will still categorise my posts using the categories shown on the right, but this just gives a little more flexibility.

Update: Boy, do I feel stupid now. Of course this post has to go and show itself on the front page of the blog, just to make me look like a fool. It did make me realise what the problem was though. In MT, the front page is set to only show 7 days worth of posts, so when I republished a week after my last post there was nothing to show. Now to see if I can fix that...