If I was a contestant on BBC Radio 4's Just a Minute panel game I don't think I would last anywhere near that long.

Recently I've noticed that I say and write certain things far too many times within a short space of one another. In fact one of my lecturers highlighted it in an assignment lately, noting an 'irritating repetition' of phrases within a paragraph. Usually I'll check things through to make sure I don't have too many bits like that but sometimes I do forget, or simply don't notice because when reading your own work there is a tendancy to skim-read and avoid important mistakes. When posting to my blog I am often too keen to get the post published, neglecting that checking phase.

On that note: sorry to people who have noticed I use words like 'interesting' too often (and those linked pages are just the ones with the offending word in the title). I'll try and make sure I don't write too repetitively in the future.