Exams are over

I had the final exam for my MSc on Tuesday, on the topic of GIS Management. It is strange to think that that was the last exam I will ever take as part of a formal education, one that has lasted 18 years of my life. Exams have never been a strong point of mine - instead prefering the use of coursework and other methods of examination - but they don't appear to have gone too badly.

Although the taught part of the course is now over completely, I still have the dissertation to do over the coming months. The title of the dissertation will be "Spatial analysis and representation of usage patterns for a web-based store finder system".

The first task I need to perform is to present my project proposal to the staff and other students in the department next Thursday. In order to do this I will need to start reading around the topic a little more to see what work has been undertaken already and try to structure my ideas for my own project. To help me organise the articles I will be reading over the course of the work I am trying out the Backpack online organiser which allows me to keep an online personal space to store all sorts of information. My first forays into the world of Backpack can be seen publicly on my MSc Dissertation References page. I may stop updating it as I'm only experimenting with the service at the moment but it is proving to be useful so far so the likelihood is I will continue with it over the summer.