A bit of an update

It has been almost three months since I last posted to my blog, so I think a bit of an update is in order. I'll hopefully get back into blogging on here from now on as well...

Last thing I wrote about was my laptop dieing on me during the middle of my dissertation. I struggled along with just university resources, which were mostly ample, though not as flexible as having my laptop would have been. When I discovered that I could get insurance money back for a the cost of fixing the machine (almost as much as replacing it) I decided to make the bold move I've been wanting to do for quite some time - going back to using a Mac. I've had my shiny new iBook now for over two months and I'm loving it.

So, back to the dissertation - I got the work finished, even if it wasn't everything that I had hoped to do. Despite that I still came away with a good grade for the project and for the course in general. My degree certificate came through in the mail last week but I have to wait until next September for the graduation ceremony. It'll be good to go back and see everyone again and catch up on what people have been up to for the year.

With education over, I had a couple of options open to me as to what to do with myself. During the summer I was contacted by an organisation in Stuttgart, Germany who were interested in my skills and interests in the area of GIS and web development. After flying out for a conference and an interview - as well as a visit to the Volksfest beer festival - I was offered the job.

I accepted, and just a few weeks later I came out to start in the role as a Software Engineer to develop and implement geographically oriented tools in a mostly open source environment.