Mein erster Deutsch Abendkurs

Tonight I took my first German evening course, though I have a feeling that I may have picked a level that's slightly higher than I'm comfortable with. That could be a good thing, in that it'll push me further - afterall, sometimes it's better to jump in at the deep end - but I think I'll sit in on the next level down and see how much more comfortable I feel with that one before I make the final choice of which to pursue.

I've not learnt any German since I was in high school, except picking up odd little bits here and there, whilst travelling or trying to understand information on the internet. The past few months have helped as well, but I haven't really spoken properly to enough German speaking people yet to have learned very many new words and phrases. Moving closer into the centre of town will help with that, as hopefully I'll have a better chance of going out and meeting more people.