Wann kommt DVB-T in Stuttgart?

Miglia MiniTVI became the excited owner of a Miglia TVMini today. It's a USB stick that lets you watch digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) on your computer either through your existing antenna or through the little portable one that comes with it. Or at least that is the theory.

DVB-T Coverage around Baden-WürttembergThinking I was going to be able to come home from work and watch some television, you can probably imagine my disappointment when it couldn't locate any channels. Firing up the internet to confirm that DVB was actually being broadcast across Germany as I had originally been led to believe, I discovered that Stuttgart would not in fact be covered until some time before the 2006 World Cup, but under no fixed schedule.

Baden-Württemberg seems to be quite slow on the uptake of the technology, perhaps because of the rugged nature of the area and difficulty in providing a suitable coverage. SWR, the regional television provider admits this could prolong the rollout.