Where to print photos online in Germany?

When I was putting up some photos in my room recently, I realised that I didn't have prints of many recents photos that I've taken. When I was in the UK I tended to use Photobox for printing my shots (and still do when I need to print shots to send to people), but for me to order from a British company and pay higher postage costs to get it delivered to me in Germany seems crazy, when I can presumably do it all through a German company for less money.

A quick Google search tonight for 'foto drucken' (photo printing) came back with a list of a couple of different sites that looked to be useful: Bildpartner, Pixaco and Foto.com. My problem is that I don't know how reliable any of them are. To me, the look of a site gives me an initial impression of the quality of the service and I don't look favourably on sites like Foto.com that don't look right in my Safari browser.

For reference, I'm going to compare pricing of the different sites below.

Site 7x5"
Postage to
Bildpartner €0.29 €1.29 €2.65
Pixaco €0.16 €0.58 €2.85
Foto.com €0.18 €0.50 €0.50 €2.49
Photobox Ireland €0.29 €2.99 €3.65 €2.50

It seems like I've been paying too much in recent years for printing my photos at Photobox. Out of the others, Foto.com comes top pricewise, but if anybody has experience of any of the companies, please leave a comment to let me know. In the meantime, I should just try sending some photos to be printed at Foto.com and see how well they come out.