Linking to OpenStreetMap from Google

Google seems to be opening up more and more of late. They've been offering APIs for their search and maps for a while, but they've mostly allowed information to be pulled from Google to be used elsewhere. Until relatively recently, that is.

I'm thinking through a number of possibilities for the Subscribed Links API that lets you feed your own information into the Google search results of people who have subscribed to your information.

The thing I'd really like to implement with this would be an OpenStreetMap searchlet that gives you a link into the relevant place in OpenStreetMap whenever somebody searches for 'Maps of [Place]' or '[Place] maps'. It would only work for people who have actively chosen to include the links in their Google search results, but I still think it would be a useful thing to do for those that wanted it.

Google even provide a database of cities for people to plug into wihtout having to supply the data themselves, but unfortunately it only works with US cities and only returns a zipcode. It'd be nice if it worked worldwide and returned geographic coordinates as well, then it would be really simple to link into a map from OpenStreetMap.