Geo goodies announced by Google

A number of Where 2.0 attendees were invited to the Googleplex yesterday for a Geo Developer Day and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Google Maps. There were a number of new features announced, including

  • a new version of Google Earth
    (which I've only had a chance to try on my PC at work so far, and it has crashed every time I try to zoom into something)
  • the ability to pull display KML feeds in Google Maps
    (The feeds didn't refresh based on the area of map you're viewing though, as they would in Google Earth. Also, I wonder if they'll support GeoRSS anytime soon? The ability to pull geocoded RSS feeds into Google Maps would be great)
  • geocoding support for the US, Canada and a number of other places - including Germany
    (but not including the UK, presumably because of the tight rein the Royal Mail have over postcode data)

It's been a year since Google Maps was introduced and look at what's been done with them. I'm really looking forward to what's in store at the Where 2.0 conference this year - if only from the other side of the Atlantic.