Finding my first geocache

Spreading the wordI went hunting for my first ever geocache today and found it without too much effort. There were a couple of little goodies in there along with the visitors log. I didn't take anything, but signed my name and left an OpenStreetMap badge to try and spread the word of open mapping to people around Stuttgart who have GPS devices.

My finding the cache brought on a long spell of very heavy rain - not a good thing when at the top of a hill in just a t-shirt! I did manage to walk 12km today though, most of it whilst drenched.

Despite only having the clues for the first cache, I went looking for a few more that were nearby. I got to the location of the first but after a little searching I spotted what looked like a syringe sticking out of the ground and gave up the search. Looking at the clues online later, it seems that the waypoint I'd downloaded to my GPS was just a starting point for finding the cache, so I was looking in the wrong place anyway. On my way home I stopped to find another and was within 50 metres or so of it, but the GPS wasn't working so well under tree cover and kept changing its mind.

Next time I go out geocaching, I think I need to take more of the clues along with me.