Free maps get a great new look


The free-to-use maps that volunteers in the OpenStreetMap project have been building over the past year or two have been given a new look. Thanks to the Mapnik project, the new maps look much more like Google Maps et al. and are actually available through the 'slippy map' interface on the OpenStreetMap website instead of having to download the data and generate them locally as had been true until recently (e.g. see the map of Stuttgart I generated recently).

There are a lot of tiles to generate, and it may take some time to generate tiles for the whole world. The focus therefore had initially been on getting England covered, but is now expanding to cover other areas. Nick Black stepped in to render the Isle of Man, where these examples are from.

Free map of Castletown, Isle of Man

Free map of Port Erin and Port St Mary, Isle of Man

These maps are all available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.