Geodan becomes Geodaniel

Geodan, the nickname I had adopted in the world of Drupal, has now become Geodaniel.

Both Geodan and Geodaniel are a play on the fact I'm called Dan (or Daniel, if you take my actual first name) and love geospatial things. The former, however, is (unfortunately for me) also a trademark of Geodan, a company based in the Netherlands that specialises in geo-information. Working in the same area as I'm interested in, and with the same name, they were understandably worried that I was creeping up the search rankings for the term 'geodan'. In light of this, last week they contacted me and politely told me to stop using the domain.

In need of a new home for my Drupal geospatial interests, I went searching for somewhere else I could stake my claim. This time, hopefully, without unintentionally breaching anyone's intellectual property. Luckily they didn't mind me using Geo Daniel as a nickname, so today I started transitioning over to - the new geospatial testbed for Drupal.

As for developments in the geospatial world of Drupal, I haven't had much of a chance at work of late to do much in that area. It has been great over the past few weeks though, hearing from lots of people who are using, or wanting to use, Drupal as their Geospatial Content Management system.