The thousandth link

I posted my thousandth link today to the social bookmarking service

Red moonThe link itself was Sky & Telescope Interactive Sky Chart which I spotted in Chris Heathcote's links. It caught my attention after the amazing lunar eclipse last night (my blurry photos of the eclipse really didn't do it justice).

To give an idea of the sort of links I bookmark over at, of the 1,000 links over half are tagged with 'geo' (something related to geography), just over 15% tagged with 'drupal' and 7% tagged with 'opensource'. The top 10 are mostly geo-related:

510 geo

164 maps

154 drupal

108 mapping

88 googlemaps

80 geodata

80 germany

79 gis

71 opensource

65 reference

You can view all my public links at to see what I've been reading recently (or have saved to remind me to read it later at my leisure).