What to do on the Isle of Man?

I got an email from a colleague (author of some great Mac apps) the other day asking what was good to do on the Isle of Man. It's not something I actually think about very often, so it was nice to spend some time thinking about all the things I love about the Island, and coming up with some recommendations...

I'd probably recommend visiting Peel for a wander round the old streets, maybe the castle and the coast, especially at sunset. Just south of there is a little place called Dalby/Niarbyl where there are some more great coastal views and walks as well as a pub and cafe.

Also, I'd suggest the village of Cregneash and possibly its living museum. Port St Mary is a nice quaint fishing village just down the hill from there.

In Douglas the museum is worth at least a quick visit.

Up north, the Point of Ayre is quite breathtaking. The village of Laxey on the way up there is quite pretty.

If they know anything about the annual TT races, perhaps a trip around the course would be worth doing.

Otherwise, I'd just say head for the hills for a bit of a walk.

I was typing it out on the iPod touch, so the responses were getting shorter as I went on. I also didn't know what his friends would be interested in seeing, or how much time they'd have, so I tried to keep it general enough that any visitor would like it (though I'm aware it centres around places I love to go to take photos). I must say, despite my 'quick visit' recommendation, the Manx Museum in Douglas is well worth more than just a quick visit, as long as you've got the time to spare.

Have you been to the Island, or live there? What would you add to the list?