OpenStreetMap change monitoring: OSM Mapper

Change monitoring software has something that's long been desired in the OpenStreetMap community - the ability to easily see what changes have been made in your areas, and by who. I've been excited to see this week that it's finally come to fruition in the form of OSM Mapper from ITO World.

Their blog post gives some more information about what it can do:

Using this product you can set up one or more areas to monitor and analyse in a variety of ways. You can even establish RSS feeds to get alerts when other people make changes within areas of interest. You can also generate beautiful images to download and post anywhere as (CC-by-SA).

... plus all sorts of mapping products that highlight changes over time, changes by contributor, etc.

OSM Mapper - change monitoring for Isle of Man OpenStreetMap data

I've been trying it out this morning to try and identify people who have recently contributed to the OpenStreetMap dataset of the Isle of Man, to try and make sure I don't give anyone a big shock when importing the new dataset from CloudMade, and hopefully to encourage others to help out once it's imported, to identify if anything is still missing.

I have to say I've been pretty impressed at how well it works, and how quickly I've identified the major recent contributors and where they've been editing.