dankarran.com goes Drupal

According to my drupal.org user profile, it's been three years now since I joined the Drupal community, and in that time I've been involved with building a large Drupal-based collaborative platform at work, helped friends create Drupal sites and developed a number of small Drupal sites in a freelance capacity, as well as contributing a number of modules back to the community, but had not managed to get around to actually migrating my own website to Drupal. Until today, that is.

Today marks the soft launch of my new Drupal website, an initial version that has most of the content from the old site but still needs some user interface improvements and the like.

The blog is up and running, now also with RSS feeds for each of the main categories and also each of the tags. The photos are all in there, though I'm missing any gallery functionality at the moment, so they're going to be a little difficult to find for now.

Watch out for more over the coming weeks and months as I find time to make improvements, expand what's here and tie in with other services on the web like Twitter, Flickr and delicious.


Congratulations on "finally" getting it updated. :-)

Oops, sorry Anonymous, I hadn't enabled contact details on comments for anonymous users, but they should be there now.

What's Drupal?

*runs to hide under a rock*