OpenBand Labs has a new look

OpenBand has today unveiled its new OpenBand Labs website to help improve the information around the work we've been doing over recent years as well as hopefully invite some discussion.

OpenBand Labs

We hope to make some improvements to the new site over the coming days as we continue to add some more information and blog about some of our experiences here at DrupalCon. We'll also be adding the slides and some writeups about the XMPP talk Darren gave yesterday and the distributed enterprise talk Ben gave today.

We had a great presentation yesterday with Darren Ferguson talking about the XMPP Framework, and today with Ben Lavender talking getting a chance to demonstrate our collaboration platform.


What does the File Browser link do?

The File Browser link isn't quite ready for the prime time yet but we're planning to share some of our presentations from the conference, so they should be up there soon.

My I suggest a book by Steve Krug entitled "Don't make me think". Looking at this screenshot I have absolutely no idea whatsoever of what OpenBand is. I don't think it's anything to do with music, but I can't figure out what else it might be.

Thanks for the recommendation Dave. I agree there are some things there we need to improve upon, and we're working to do so from this initial version. In terms of what we do, there is some more information on the services page.

A good move towards blogging, continue keep it up. You written very interesting. Thanks

Good improvement but may I suggest to have a font not so large, not so small to fully enhance the purpose and the stories behind the site.

Based on the screenshot, I think that the website design looks fine for me. Nothing special, it is just an ordinary site. But, it seems like this website is content-based, that is, very appealing to the readers.