Brush up your cartography skills

In September, the Society of Cartographers is going to be holding their 45th annual Summer School event in Southampton.

It's interesting looking through the programme to see just how much of the event is about data, and much of it coming from sources that didn't exist just a few years ago, from OpenStreetMap, the new UKMap and of course the various Ordnance Survey datasets that are available to organisations who can afford to pay for them.

I wonder how the content of this annual summer school has changed over the years since it started, as more and more data sources have become available for cartographers to use?

If you're in the UK and are interested in making maps, the event (7-9 September) looks like it will be a good place to see where cartography is heading, get some hands on experience in the workshops and also network with others in the industry.


Maps are great - I really them and always learn tons from them. How did this go? Wish I knew about it at the time.