iPhone guide to Isle of Man businesses

If you're on the Isle of Man (or thinking of visiting) and you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you may be interested in the latest mobile guide to the Island that's been released for the iPhone.

I blogged last year about a couple of specialised iPhone apps that let you see offline maps of the Island - but not much more - and I also mentioned OffMaps which at the time was simply an offline map viewer that let you download maps of anywhere in the world. Having released their latest version though, OffMaps now provides much more functionality in the form of a local guide to businesses, services and attractions, and access to Wikipedia articles about the places around you.

Now, if you're looking for a bar, cafe, restaurant, museum, tourist attraction - or, in theory, anything else - you need look no further than the guide in OffMaps. It'll show you its location, give you their address and phone number (though there aren't many of these yet) and link you through to their website if they have one. Note that not everything is in there, and in particular it's lacking in the shops it covers, as well as in some other areas.

OffMaps guide for the Isle of ManPubs on the Isle of ManJava Lounge café

If you run a business or service - or know of one which isn't already covered - and you'd like to advertise yourself in this guide to the Island, you can be a part of it for free.

All of the information is based on the OpenStreetMap project and Wikipedia, so you can add your information yourself. The easiest way to edit is using the free Mapzen POI collector app for the iPhone, but if you're not comfortable, just drop me an email and I'll happily add your details in to OpenStreetMap for you, for free, and you should get into the guide the next time it gets refreshed.

Note: the app is currently only listing things in certain chosen categories, so if your business falls outside of those categories it may not show up in the guide. You're still free to add your listing to OpenStreetMap though, as it could be used in the future either in OffMaps or in any other application.


Looks like a good app, i'm going to isle of man in february so will check this out on the app store.

Enjoy your trip! I hope the guide is useful to you while you're there.


Are you using offmaps 2 or the original version? I am also visiting the Isle of Man in the next few months.

Kind regards


Hi Steve,

The screenshots here are from the original version of Offmaps, but the maps and business data are there in the new version, Offmaps 2, as well. I think both versions will run in parallel for quite a while still, so you can take your pick between the apps.


Hi Dan

Thanks for the reply. I think I will download the v2 and see how I get on. Thanks for your help.



Thanks Dan
Sees to me a good app, guys if i'm not misstaken can I download it, or should I find another version. Maybe you can advise me smth?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Susy. You should be able to find it in the iPhone app store.

I'm planning on visiting the IOM with my boyfriend for the first time soon so this app is perfect. Thanks for the info!

I was going to post 'Why install another App when Google Maps does this on the iPhone already?'

I've just checked GM's and found a number of restaurants in Douglas; L,Experience, Tanroagan etc, museums; Manx Museum etc, with the address, contact details etc

But then I realised the extra layer of Offmaps could be handy and looks interesting from a tourist point of view. Maybe even just to learn something new about your own city.

I'm off to the App store to check it out... hmm 2 versions... The 2nd one is the one to go for. However it seems to limit you to 3 areas to download before you have to start purchasing more.

I'll bare it in mind for my next city break it looks useful. :)