Are they married yet?

Overwhelmed by the amount of coverage in the worldwide media about the Royal wedding? If so, you may be interested in checking out a simpler source of news about Prince William and Kate Middleton:

are they married will tell you all you really need to know about the occasion.


Dan I am seriously glad it's over. I can ignore the news media quite easily but when every day people are talking about it incessantly, it's much tougher. It's interesting that sites like this exist. Nice post.

I'm really sorry I didn't see your post about the are they married yet a few months ago. Here in the states the news was crazy busy with info about the wedding even though it really doesn't affect us whats so ever lol.

All we heard about for a solid weekend was the royal wedding and the different car games the couple were playing with the local media over there.

All in all the wedding looked wonderful and the entire ordeal looked crazy and overblow. It was fun for a weekend though!