A quick lick of paint

I've given dankarran.com a quick lick of paint, basically changing the orange highlights to blue ones.

This week I've been out in Germany at the DrupalCon Munich 2012 conference, finding out what's going on in the Drupal community, learning some better practices and seeing what is going to be coming in the next big version, Drupal 8 (hint: big things, nice things!). When you see all the great things being built by the community, for the community, you can't help but feel a bit guilty that you haven't even updated your personal site to the latest release. So, this update wasn't just a change of colour, but also an upgrade of Drupal - the free software that runs this site - to the latest version, Drupal 7. There may still be some rough edges, so mind where you step.

Birthday boy piñata funAt the end of the Drupal Trivia event last night (my team got a score somewhere in the middle of the crowd) the question was asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday that day. Nobody was, but with about half an hour to go before my 30th, I was next to do so, and was invited to try and break the Drupalicon Piñata. Stuffed with t-shirts, stickers, sweets and balloons, I think it was a great idea, though I did wonder if I was ever going to manage to actually break it open.

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday, DrupalCon! See you at DrupalCon Prague next year...