An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

I went to watch An Inconvenient Truth with my flatmate this afternoon. Much of it is a very pesonal look at climate change by Al Gore and how he's been involved over the years, but I have to say that it does give a pretty good introduction to the topic of global warming and climate change, tying together different topics to show clearly how they're related.

One thing I found a bit weird was that through the movie, as he's driving and flying all over the place - ever expanding his own carbon footprint - he doesn't say anything about how individuals can reduce their own emissions. A list of suggestions does come at the end though, perhaps in an attempt to help people remember them and think about what they can do when they get home from the cinema.

All in all, I'd definately recommend going to see the movie or watching the DVD to help give you the global picture.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years

Churchill: The Hollywood YearsBack at the start of the year I ordered a DVD of a movie which I was an extra in a year or so ago (maybe almost two years ago - how time flies!). Well, it was released on Friday and arrived through my front door at lunchtime today so of course I had to pop it in and watch it.

The basic premise of the comedy is that the Winston Churchill that we all know as the leader of Britain during the war, actually wasn't the leader of Britain during the war. In true Hollywood style, Churchill was actually an American GI and the guy who Britain knew as Churchill was only ever an after-dinner speaker, brought in to cover up the fact that it was the American's running the war. The movie is entertaining certainly, and has a load of British comics in it, camping it up to the best of their abilities. I think I'm glad I didn't pay to go and see this in the cinema as I got the impression it wouldn't work very well on a big screen, but certainly worth a watch on DVD if you get the chance. A nice, light hearted movie.

Screenshot from Churchill: The Hollywood Years showing me in a scene with Rik Mayall

Can you tell which of the extras is me in this scene with Rik Mayall? There were so many takes of this scene as the directors seemed to be getting highly annoyed with the local production assistants and with Leslie Phillips fluffing a load of his lines. Holding a gun like that for a long time is not easy, especially in a stuffy uniform when the sun is shining on you all day.

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