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Canterbury photos

Canterbury CathedralCanterbury CathedralI have tonight started to put some of my photos of Canterbury into a new gallery. There are still more to go up into this gallery, though the photos from inside Canterbury Cathedral will probably go into their own separate feature gallery to keep them separate.

I don't have the rights to sell any of the photos from inside the building but I really like some of them so I want to put them up anyway.

Canterbury photos coming soon

I spent today visiting Canterbury with some of my friends from university. We had the day off from lectures so we decided to take a trip out of the big city and visit somewhere different for a bit of culture. Canterbury certainly is different - it's a very pretty city, full of little side streets, historic buildings and of course the famous Cathedral. I have some photos which I will be putting onto the site soon - including some from inside the Cathedral itself.

Exams almost out of the way

I've now had my one and only sit down exam of this term and it didn't seem to go too badly. I spent a little too much time describing something in detail in the first question I think, forgetting exactly how much more I had to write for the rest of the paper. Having sat that one, however, there are now three more modules for which we've been given take-home exams. For each of these we have to answer two of four questions, each up to 1500 words. It's a lot of work, and very tiring. But then again, it's exam week, so what else should I expect? I'll certainly be glad when the week is over though!

Back to the hard slog

London UndergroundOn Wednesday I flew back down to London ready to start my next term at university. I travelled through Luton airport at around noon and it was very moving to see everybody stop to join in with the three-minute silence taking place across Europe. It's a rare sight in London, you hardly ever see people stopping for anything, but that day the whole airport stopped to mourn the victims of the tsunami tragedy in Asia.

I've spent the past few days revising for my upcoming exams and catching up with friends I've not seen since before Christmas.

Once my exams are out of the way I am hoping to get the Sun Sneezing pages off the ground by setting up the registration system for all you sun sneezers out there to use.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year (2005)!I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous new year for 2005! I hope you all enjoyed the celebrations last night, I know I did. I did have a glass too many of champagne though I think. Ouch.

It's strange to think that people around the world are wishing others a happy new year when so many have just been made homeless, are missing or have been killed by the horiffic tsunami tragedy in Asia. If you can, please give generously to aid in the massive relief operation.

White Christmas photos

Snow covered fields in the south of the Isle of Man on Christmas Day 2004Hopefully you are all still enjoying the remains of the turkey. Because I've eaten so much over the past few days I'm not able to walk easily so I've taken the time to add some new photos to the website. As you probably gathered from my Christmas Day news posting, we had a white Christmas here in the Isle of Man this year, so I've put some photos from the day into my South Barrule photo gallery.

There are also some great White Christmas photos on the other Isle of Man photo websites:

It's great to see how many local photo sites are around now, and they always show such beautiful pictures.

The weekend before coming back to the Isle of Man for Christmas, I visited Bath for a few days with my friends. We didn't have the nicest weather but luckily most of the Roman Baths are covered, protecting us from the rain. I have put some photos from the Roman Baths into a new Bath photo gallery but hope to go back in the near future to explore the place in better weather...

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It's a month since I last posted a message to the site and it certainly feels like it's been a busy one! I currently have five pieces of coursework on the go - from mapping St Paul's Cathedral and the area around it in 3D, to working out how to put together a new GIS system, to analysing crime hotspots in London, to designing a computer program to calculate the area of polygons and even writing a social science essay. What a busy time! It's lucky that most of the projects are very interesting and are teaching me so many valuable practical skills.

Map showing London, UKIn my 'spare' time yesterday I added a little mapping feature to each of my photo galleries to show roughly where in the world the place is. It's only simple at the moment but I hope to be able to expand what it does and make the mapping more useful and interesting for users. Being able to create maps on the fly would be great to help users navigate around the galleries. I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while but never got around to it. When I found an article basically doing all the work for me, how could I not do it?

New site sections opened

Do you know where this is?I have today opened up two new sections of my site, both of which are a part of the 'random stuff' section that houses all the little things that just exist for a bit of fun. The Guess Where? page has the first weeks photo on for you to guess the location of. Give it a go and let me know where you think it is (or if you have any problems, email me). The other page, about sun sneezing, is only a start but I promise there will be more in there about sneezing in the sun when I get around to putting it all together.

Some squirrels in the photo gallery...

Squirrel with berriesEarly this morning I went for a walk up to Hampstead Heath to try and get some sunrise photos and some moody mist shots over the various lakes that lie within the heath. Having found few good photo opportunities (mostly because it was too overcast to see the sunrise over London) I started to walk back home. On my way I spotted a couple of squirrels eating berries for breakfast.

I love squirrels so I had to take some photos and share these hungry little creatures with everyone visiting my site. I hope you enjoy them. I'll be trying sunrise photos more often I think - it's a good way to get me out of bed in the mornings!


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