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Great news!

I've been offered a placement at Reuters, working on their Graduate Recruitment website. I'd be in the corporate headquarters in Fleet Street, London. The placement is for my year in industry - which I'll be doing from June this year. Not only that, but the weather has improved no-end today, but just as luck would have it this is the day we're spending most of the time on a stuffy coach (seeing the Bronx, and later Harlem). I hope the weather stays this nice, but I'll make sure I don't wear my 'I love NY' t-shirt again... I've had a few strange looks, can't think why!

New York Update

I'm sat in an internet place just around the corner from where I'm staying, after having been all over New York today - I'm shattered! But I have a load of photos already, shame the weather wasn't a little nicer though... Ah well, can't have everything I suppose. I'll post another update soon, when the internet isn't so damn expensive!

New York, New York - here I come...

New York City from the World Trade Centre, by Dan Karran (1995)I'll soon be heading off to New York City, for a 'field trip' as part of my degree. I'm hoping to be able to take lots of photos which I can add to the site. If I get the chance whilst there, I'll post a few messages on the news page about what I've been up to. For anybody who's interested, whilst I'm there, I'll be doing a project on the gentrification of parts of the city (basically middle class people moving in to an area and displacing the lower classes).

Site updates coming soon

At some point in the next few weeks, I'll finally get a chance to rewrite some of the content sitting here at A lot of it dates back to around a year ago (when I had a lot more spare time on my hands) and deserves a little updating. I've just added a better 'latest news' section than I had before, which I plan to keep more up to date... and I'm even thinking I may change the design sometime soon too... Keep an eye on the site for updates.


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