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Not such a happy halloween

After wishing vistors to my site a Happy Halloween last week it didn't quite turn out that way for me. I guess it may have been bad luck for posting the message the night before Halloween but I had my phone, keys and bank cards stolen on my way home last saturday night. I ended up walking around London through the early hours of the morning until I could get back into my flat. Luckily I wasn't hurt but it just makes you realise how much you rely on having all the things you would normally carry around with you. Without them, you can easily feel lost in a city like London.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Primrose HillAs Halloween is now upon us I thought I'd take the opportunity to make my own little pumpkin (literally only about 15cm high) and take some photos of him around Camden.

He wishes you all a Happy Halloween from the top of Primrose Hill, overlooking London. You can see more photos of him sitting in and around Camden in the Halloween feature gallery - but watch out for the trick or treaters!

Website launch - let's celebrate!

ChampagneWelcome to my new website! Over the past couple of months I have redesigned and redeveloped the entire site to give it a complete overhaul. It's taken a while but I think it's worth it. The site went live today at around 4pm and having fixed most of the little glitches it now appears to be working pretty well. There are a few parts of the site which I haven't yet finished - such as the ecards which I used to have in the photography section and the random stuff pages. Rest assured, they'll all go live soon. Sections such as the web design and development ones will grow over the coming weeks as I add more information to the portfolio and generally expand on what's already there.

Please take the time to explore the site and let me know what you think by signing the guestbook if you get a chance. I hope you enjoy your visit...

About time for an update

Well, it's getting close to a month since I last left an update on the website so here's the latest...

University life is going well - even if we do have lots of lectures and on top of that we have reading and work to hand in. It's going to be a tough year but definately worth it... The lectures are all very interesting and many are well beyond the topics that I learned in my final year in Manchester, which of course means that they are challenging to me as well.

UCL Union PhotoSocIn an attempt to keep me sane I'm trying to keep my social life in a sensible state and I've joined the UCL Photo Society so I can learn once again how to develop my own black and white photos - and to meet more people into photography as well. I've joined the committee and am helping get a website together for the society.

I am so close to uploading my new website as well - the one I've been promising for about a year. It's taking me time partly because I'm trying to restructure it so it is much more logical and also because I'm doing so many other things at the same time. The site is going to look something like the screenshots below:

HomepagePhotographyWeb Development

Only in London...

Trafalgar Square Summer 2004Who would have thought in a city as big as London that you could bump into four people you know - scattered across the city - within the space of just a week. Well, strangely it would seem it is possible.

KittenNot only that but you can go out and bump into (admittedly minor) celebrities such as Kitten from Big Brother and watch Rolf Harris presenting a live TV show - Rolf on Art - in Trafalgar Square as part of the summer-long Summer in Trafalgar Square season.

Hopefully over the coming year I'll see lots more of the things you can only really see in London...

Settling into London

View from Kentish Town early on a late summer morningI'm now settling back into London having moved down here for my masters course at UCL. I've been down about ten days sorting out accommodation and the like, getting ready to start my course. It is only a year since I've been away but it sort of feels like I haven't been away at all. I think it's something to do with the past year being a blur of work.

My flat is in Kentish Town, looking over the whole of central London (the photo is a view from my kitchen window). It has a great view and on a clear day you can see lots of London landmarks, from Caranry Wharf in the East, through to the skyscrapers of the City, the tops of the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, the BT Tower and much more. I couldn't have asked for a better place really - and it's provided by the university so it's cheaper than the rest of the accommodation near central London.

Ero (S) Chair by Philippe StarckOver the summer I've been working on a couple of new websites, the first of which was launched a little while back. Working for Jejo IT Consultancy I created the website for a new company who supply designer furniture to the UK. Pink Apple Designs wanted a website which would showcase their wide range of designer chairs and other furniture to the public. The chair on the right is my favourite from the collection - the Ero (S) Chair by Philippe Starck.

The second of the sites, also for a furniture company, will hopefully be ready soon...

New gallery

Me on a bench at Eary CushlinEary Cushlin coastlineAs I hadn't been out taking photos of sunsets for quite some time I thought I would pop out tonight to take some photos at Eary Cushlin on the western coast of the Island. As the sun began to lower itself in the sky I noticed that the outline of the Irish mountains was appearing clearly, which was quite apparent in some of the later photos.

Today also saw the first time in about a year that I took out my more traditional SLR camera to allow me to compare the results of that with those of the digital camera. I'll have to wait a little while for the results though...

Filming, etc.

BBCI spent the whole of Tuesday as an extra on the set of a new BBC production. The Rotters' Club is currently filming on the Isle of Man and should be released on the BBC next year. I think there should be at least one scene in this one where I'm right in front of the camera - a schoolboy singing in the morning assembly. Apparently I was playing the part of a 16-year old - on my 22nd birthday!

2004 Computation Graduation Ceremony at UMISTEarlier this week the group graduation photos were published on the internet as well. This group of Computation students is made up largely of the UMIST Computation students who are on the smaller degree programmes such as mine - BSc Computing and Geography.

See if you can spot me in the photo. Good luck!

Accepted for masters

UCLOn Friday I flew down to London to attend an interview for the MSc I applied for in Geographic Information Science at UCL. I wasn't expecting to hear until a little while after the interview if I'd been successful or not, but I was told there and then that I'd been given the place - so of course I was really pleased. After being out quite late celebrating in London on the Friday night, I still had to get up early on Saturday to spend the day in Brighton with some friends. On the whole it was a great weekend!

New website designAnd now for an update on the new site I've been promising for about a year... Over the past few weeks I've been spending some time creating a new website with some new features and generally a new look and feel. Hopefully the site will be live soon, once I've finished on all the different sections.

All the current parts of the site will be included in the new one but there will also be a few new parts (and new content!). One of the new features that I'm working on is a Guess Where? section in which I'll publish a new photo each week and invite visitors to say where they think it is.

First sighting...

Island at War

Last night saw my first of two appearances in the ITV drama Island at War. I can be seen in the crowds for about a second whilst reading a notice in Castletown Square. Well done to my friend for spotting me - I wouldn't have!
I should also be in one of the next two episodes, although I don't know which. Look out for somebody wearing a baggy brown jumper painting a sign on a wall and running away from some Germans.

On another note, at the end of the week I've been invited to visit London to attend an interview for the Masters degree I'm hoping to do. Hopefully I should know before too long whether or not I've been accepted on to the course. Wish me luck!


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