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Photo prices slashed

Some of you may have noticed (most probably not :)) that I've lowered the price of prints from my photo galleries. The prices are now as follows:

  • 7x5" for £5.99
  • 9x6" for £7.99
  • 10x8" for £10.99

These prices include free postage to the UK, but I will include free worldwide shipping to the first 10 people who buy photos from the site. Also, if you're interested in prints which haven't yet become availble according to my site, let me know, and I'll do my best to get you a copy. They're still not widely available because I haven't catalogued them properly yet...

For more information, visit the buying information page.

Send your favourite photo as an ecard

Niarbyl seascapeNow you can send your favourite photos from my site to your friends as an ecard. Simply find the photo you want to send, click 'Send as ecard' and fill in the details.

I hope you enjoy this new facility and find it useful. Please bear in mind that it has only just been developed, so there are likely to be a few minor teething problems. Let me know if you come across anything...

On the set of Island at War

Today I've had a very long day on the set of Island at War, a new 6 part series for Granada TV in the UK. It is a wartime drama set in the Channel Islands showing just how much life can change over night after Nazi occupation. It's cast seems mainly to be actors and actresses known for other series and soaps such as Coronation Street. Keep an eye out for me painting when it's released next year...

Earlier this year, I was also involved in the filming of Churchill: The Hollywood Years alongside well-known actors such as Christian Slater, Rik Mayall and Leslie Philips. Look out for me in the back of the shot (behind Mayall), aiming a gun at Churchill...

On a similar note, it looks like have taken over the responsibility of keeping an up-to-date site of Manx Films. My site, was only updated until 2001, when I went off to university and couldn't spend enough time on it. Good luck to IOMguide - it's looking good so far!

Rate my photos!

Today I've been working on allowing people to rate my pictures from 1-5, so why not give it a go and let me know which your favourite pictures are... or even the ones you don't like! You can vote on any of the pictures in my galleries.

Soon you will also be able to leave comments along with your votes, like you can in my guestbook.

ps - the news item about being able to buy prints was actually posted at about 3am, so really refers to the work I was doing yesterday.

Buy prints from my digital photo collection

Buy Now button exampleI have been working on an online ordering system (with the help of PayPal) for prints of photos from my galleries. If you are interested in buying photographic prints from my site, then your luck is in... Initially, availability will be limited to the photos which have been taken with my digital camera and a few others besides. Hopefully before too long it will expand to all of the other photos on my site. Photos which are available already include Aberdovey, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Ilford, London (limited), Maidstone, Sandvika, Windsor and York, along with most of my feature galleries.

To buy, just find the photo you like and click the 'Buy now' button located beside the photo. This will bring up a Shopping cart, which you can either add more to (click 'Continue shopping') or pay for. Photos currently cost £15.00, which includes free shipping to UK addresses.

If you have any comments on the new system, please let me know.

Also in the pipeline is a facility to let you subscribe to the site to receive the latest updates (ie these news postings) on a regular basis, if there have been any.

In the Isle of Man for a bit

Well, the time finally came for me to have a summer holiday (or at least part of one, and in the Isle of Man) - for the past few years I've missed out on them because of either working in London or working at home in the Isle of Man. I'm back here now for about 3 weeks before university starts again in Manchester in September. I'm looking forward to having a few nice relaxing relaxing weeks at home with family and friends before heading back to Manchester to adjust my lifestyle to being that of a final year student.

Last week, when I said I was going to be taking a day in Boulogne, we only actually made it to Calais because the combination of ferry and train times made it quite restrictive. Never the less we still had a really good time, despite the fact we didn't get back to London until about 2am because the ferry got in late and made us miss the last direct train to London! On the positive side, I'll have some pictures of Calais to put up onto the site soon, once they're developed and I'm back in Mancester to scan them in...

On another note, I spent a little time last night redoing my site map page to help visitors find their way around the site a little better. It lists the top sections and most of the second level categories within those sections. So, for example, with the galleries, it lists the countries but not the towns. Any comments, let me know...

A day in Boulogne

I'm sat on the ferry at Dover port at the moment, waiting for it to leave for Calais. I'm going to be spending the day - or at least a few hours, thanks to boats being cancelled - in Boulogne. It's nice that you can travel to France for a day trip for just £15... Shame it takes so long though.

Day by day threads for news

I'm experimenting with threading daily news on the front page, so I can post more than one entry per day and they'll all show up on the front page... Hopefully, from now, on, if there is more than one entry per day then it they will all be shown on the front page (fingers crossed!).

Back in Manchester (for now)

Manchester UniversityAs of yesterday, I'm back living in Manchester - at least for a little bit. I moved all of my stuff up north over the weekend, with the kind help of my parents, and am trying to unpack the things that are currently stacked in my room in numerous bags and boxes.

Later this week, I'm going to be heading back down to London for a few days and also hopefully taking a daytrip to Calais. After that, I'll be heading back up to Manchester to celebrate my 21st birthday before heading back to the Isle of Man to, umm, celebrate it again. :)

Added photos of Leeds Castle

Leeds CastleAmongst beginning to pack up my room in Ilford and completing university work which is due in today, I have today added a number of photos from my trip to Leeds Castle in Maidstone, Kent over the weekend.

All of the photos I've taken recently have been taken on my Minolta SLR camera instead of on my Fujifilm digital camera because it had been sent off for repair. It's costed so much to get films developed, I had forgotten just how much I used to spend on film processing. Luckily I'll be getting my digital camera back tomorrow and so spending much less money getting prints developed.

Brighton and Tower of London photos will be coming soon...


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