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Glorious sunshine in London

Yesterday saw the return of fantastic weather in London, and all in time for the annual Trooping the Colour to mark the Queen's birthday. I spent the day there yesterday, taking lots of photos and seemingly getting very sunburnt! I'm now sunbathing in Ilford waiting to go into London's Soho district for a street party.

Postcards and prints of my photos

Since last weekend I've been investigating the possibility of me being able to sell prints and or postcards of my photos from my photography section. I've been looking at some suppliers, both in the UK and in the US, to provide items directly to my site visitors but both have their drawbacks and neither are really suitable for what I want to do at the moment.

Chinese LanternsThe companies I've been looking at are CafePress which operate in the US and offer all sorts of products they can print the photos onto, and PhotoBox which operate in the UK and sell mainly prints. I've been experimenting with a number of prints from PhotoBox and they certainly come up to scratch when it comes to quality, but when it comes to buying things through my site they're not really able to do what I want. With CafePress, they're centred around an American market and so they run into problems when customers want to deal with them in British Pounds.

My Chinese Lanterns picture came out really well at 8x10" and I am currently waiting for another picture (from the top of the London Eye) to come back from being printed at 10x12" to see if the quality will be good enough.

Out of curiosity, if I did begin to offer the sale of prints, which ones would be most of interest to you, my site visitors, and what sort of price would you expect to pay for different sizes of print? Please let me know what you think. I would also like to make a 2004 Isle of Man Calendar if I can find enough suitable pictures to use.

Well, as it's such a hot day down here in London (BBC: Hot with long sunny spells. Very slight chance of a thundery shower by evening), I'm going to get something ice-cold and find a nice quiet place to lie down in the park for a while and enjoy it. At some point, I should venture into town to find some more summerly clothes to wear. Right now, it's actually quite uncomfortably stuffy in this internet cafe at the moment so I need to escape!

On the train to Manchester

This weekends travels - after last weekends visit to Switzerland - take me on a fleeting visit back up to Manchester to visit friends and sort out my accommodation for next year, my final year at university. The train has taken a completely different route than normal, and the scenery is beautiful.

Note to self: Fix the thing that lets me post messages from my phone as it doesn't let me type more than just what's above. I had typed in a whole lot more but my phone wouldn't let me post it. Oh, and make it say something other than midnight. Damn WAP!

The Matrix Reloaded premiere

The Matrix ReloadedThe Matrix Reloaded premiered in the UK last night in the Leicester Square Odeon, London. I was lucky enough to be one of the people to see the movie on its opening night, but as we turned up for our 12am showing at the Warner Village Cinema (also on Leicester Square) they were already beginning to clear up after the official UK premiere across the square. I thought, whilst the movie was good, it wasn't as good as the first and took the whole Matrix-style action a little too far. Perhaps though it didn't help also that our screening didn't start until midnight and I was struggling at points to stay awake.

Trip to Switzerland


I'm just back from a trip to the mountainous country of Switzerland. Having spent three days in Zurich (and a day in Bad Ragaz relaxing in a thermal spa) it's not nice coming back to work in the dull, wet weather of London. Despite coming back less relaxed than when I went, I still had a great time... despite certain things very nearly spoiling the trip.

By the way, sorry to anybody who has sent me email over the past week or so, who I haven't yet managed to get back to. It's been so hectic and clearing the junk mail from my inbox has been a major hurdle!

Photos of London

Statue in front of St Paul's CathedralI have today added 4 new photos of London to my photo collection. I haven't had much time recently to be able to add many new photos to the site, or do any work on it at all... but it does mean I'm either out having fun with my friends or in working and earning some money to spend going out.

Like other recent photos of London, these ones come mostly from the area around my workplace in the City. They are of St Paul's, some steps behind the Cathedral, Poultry and the a construction site towards the on the opposite side of the river to St Paul's.

New site for the portfolio

For the past few weeks I've been working on a site for Janine Pritchard Limited
(one of Jejo's clients).
The company specialises in recruitment for the CD/DVD industry, and
recently took over a company called VantageCD.

The client required a simple yet effective site with a modern feel to showcase the company's services to both clients and candidates.

The site was designed using PhotoShop and then coded using NotePad. It
includes a ' href="" target="_blank">Career Opportunities' page which lists all of the current jobs
on offer through the company. The page runs from a database created in
MySQL and PHP, with a backend for the client to keep the page up-to-date.

New photos of London

London Eye CapsuleI have just added six new photos of London, mostly from before Christmas when I had a free trip on the British Airways London Eye as part of our works Christmas lunch. It was a lovely winter's day (quite uncommon in the UK :)) and probably one of the best days they could have chosen to let us enjoy a day off work with sightseeing on the London Eye, a free meal and lots of free wine.

There is also a photo taken from a Central Line train in Oxford Circus Tube station, not too long before the line closed down for months after the derailment at Chancery Lane.

Test entry from my phone...

I've now set up my site (fingers crossed) to allow me to post random thoughts directly from my mobile phone via WAP. Yay!
I think at some point I will move these messages into their own little weblogesque section because most of the time they won't really be relevant to the site itself. Stay tuned :)

(and it worked!)

More trips planned...

Despite me wanting desperately to do some proper travelling again this year (like Europe in 2001), after finishing working in London, I haven't really been able to plan anything. I would have loved to have gone travelling somewhere for a few weeks, but maybe I'll do some at the end of my degree instead.

It's not all bad though, as I've got some more trips planned between now and starting back at university in September... and more trips means more photos :)

I will be going home to the Isle of Man for a little time over the Easter weekend to visit family and friends. Then, two weeks later, I'll be travelling up to Manchester for a friends 21st birthday. Two weeks after that, I'll be leaving the country and heading for a weekend in Switzerland (which cost just £45; an amazing deal if you ask me). Easyjet were kindly paying most of the taxes for us as part of their latest special offer. A few weeks afterwards, I'll be taking a trip to Prague with a group of friends from London. Then, some time later (in August) I will be jetting off for a week in Ibiza with my friends from the Isle of Man.

I may as well put my wages towards something good, eh.


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