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Euston and London parks photos

Euston Road (Warren Street) buildingsTonight I've been preparing a few more photos to go into my London photo gallery, showing some photos of buildings along Euston Road (near Warren Street tube station). There are also some photos from Green Park in central London and the Victoria Embankment Gardens, which reminded me very much of Central Park in New York. By the way, that means there are now over 500 photos in my galleries.

There will be a batch of pictures from Regent's Park going into the galleries soon too...

Just on another note, I've done a little work to the guestbook to make it show twice as many entries as it used to, and also increase the amount of space there is to write messages in. Please feel free to try it out... Cheers :)

New Ilford and London photos

Trafalgar Square to Big BenFirst, let me wish you all a Happy April Fool's day!

Since I am at home resting this week after having my tonsils taken out on Friday morning, I thought I would use my recouperation time constructively and use at least some of my time to upload the many photos I've been waiting to put up onto the site for quite some time - the rest I will spend relaxing, in one way or another. So, here are some of those photos...

These are the pictures from Valentine's Park in Ilford, taken a few weeks back - in early spring. Also, I've added some pictures of Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace in London, from the past few weeks.

Keep an eye on the site for new pics coming in the next few days... I've added a new part to the latest news page which shows the five latest photographs to be added into any of my galleries, to help people see what's new on the site.

New London photos

Duck on lake in St James's Park, LondonAfter living in London for around 9 months, I feel quite embarrassed that I have so few photos of the place in my London photo gallery so recently I've been out taking more photos to share with you all.

This weekend proved to be another great weekend with nice weather, so I spent much of Sunday lying in St James's park and taking the occasional photo - until my batteries died (luckily just after sunset). There are more pictures to go into the gallery soon, and I'll do that over time. Until then, I hope you enjoy these sunset pictures... Ducks are so photogenic when they're silhouetted against calm waters under a fading sunset.

Windsor photos

Guard at Windsor CastleOver the weekend here in London we had a spell of beautiful weather - anyone would have thought it was the beginning of summer! I wish!

On Saturday I went for a wander around Valentines Park in Ilford before heading into central London for a stroll in the sunshine, walking through Trafalgar Square and up to Covent Garden. I'll be putting pictures up from that day into my London photo gallery soon.

Then, on Sunday, I was up bright and early to go for a walk through Regent's Park and then a trip to Windsor. I had so many pictures on my camera by the time I'd left London that I actually invested in a new memory card for my camera. By the end of the day I had filled both completely.

Chinese New Year photos

Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar SquareDuring February, I visited the Chinese New Year celebrations in the centre of London. There was a large stage set up in Trafalgar Square with performers of all types, including local Martial Arts groups showing off their talents.

After seeing some of the goings-on on the main stage, I headed into the heart of London's Chinatown to see what was going on... The streets were packed full of people, many of which were trying to catch a glimpse of the Chinese Dragons blessing the local businesses for the coming year.

You can find the photos from that evening in my Chinese New Year gallery.

Amsterdam photos

Streets of AmsterdamAs promised yesterday, I am beginning to upload some of the photos I took over the weekend in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have chosen to use some photos of the canals, the people, the buildings, the numerous bikes and other such things. One thing I didn't snap was a tulip. Or a clog for that matter...

Unfortunately the weather over the weekend wasn't the nicest, and although it wasn't too bad during the day, it was often overcast. I've changed some of the pictures into Black and White to help with the atmosphere in these kind of lighting conditions.

On the topic of photos, I have begun work on a voting and comments system for each picture to let you air your views. I'm holding back for a little while partly because I haven't spent much time at home lately and partly because I want to try and stop people abusing the system like some do with my guestbook. Stay tuned folks...

Amsterdam... again!

Well, here I am again, in Amsterdam! I enjoyed my trip so much last time that I decided to come back with some more of my friends. Again, we opted for the cheap easyJet flights and the nice little hostel we stayed in last time. This time though, we gave ourselves a little extra time to visit some of the things we didn't get a chance to see last time...

Photos coming soon (now that I have my digital camera it gives me more incentive to put them up here because it doesn't take so long. Last time, I never actually got around to putting them into a gallery). In the mean time, why not take a look at the Rough Guides Amsterdam photo gallery.

London's Stop the War march

Protestors outside WestminsterOn Saturday I joined the Stop the War march through the centre of London. The event had an estimated 2 million people carrying placards and banners through the streets of London in what is being called the biggest protest in British history. I was there with my camera trying to capture the events of the day and I've put some of the photos up into a gallery.

You can find out more about the rally at

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all my visitors for the coming year! As this is just about the end of the festive season, I've taken down the decorations which adorned my site for the past few weeks.

Jejo limited IT consultants - Aylesbury & Milon Keynes, UKFor my first posting of 2003, I am proud to announce the launch of a new website. I have been working on it with my clients Jejo limited. Based near Aylesbury and Milton Keynes, UK, Jejo offer IT consultancy services to Manufacturing and Facilities Management companies.

As a freelance web developer, I offer people quality website design for a fraction of the cost that many others will charge. I am often looking for new projects to embark on too, so if you think you may be interested in having a new website for your business, I'd love to hear from you...

Seasons Greetings!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly...Seasons greetings to all those choosing to visit my website instead of braving the freezing weather outside and fighting your way through the Christmas shopping crowds.

Some of you may have noticed that poor lonely little holly leaf dangling from the top of the site. Well, I was considering making the whole top banner of my site into a snowy wonderland, but then I found this nice little bit of holly in Paint Shop Pro and thought I'd use that instead; it saves hunting for snowy effects, after all :).

After work tonight, I decided to go out and do some Christmas shopping in Oxford Street. Whilst it wasn't anywhere near as busy as it was on Saturday - when I tried to start my seasonal shopping - it was still pretty hectic, and freeeeezing. Brrrr. I managed to find a few presents for people, but for the large part remained uninspired, which is a shame. On saturday, I didn't find any presents and all I ended up getting was a nice new, warm jacket for myself.

Coming home, I went via Marble Arch, just to find it all lit up in blue with music coming out from beneath. It turned out they had made it into an ice skating rink, so I went in and took some photos. That is, before the batteries in my camera decided they'd had enough. I knew I should have started carrying my spare set around with me as well. D'oh!


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