Addicted to strawberry cheesecake

Haagen Dazs Strawberry CheesecakeI think I'm going to have to admit defeat, it would seem I've got myself addicted to Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake icecream and also to Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte. I can see my wallet starting to feel poorly quite soon I think.

By the way, I had planned to post a message today to announce some new photos on the site, but my scanner appears to have become posessed(!) and won't let me scan in any more photos. I'm trying to find a way to help the poor little thing, but for now the site isn't going to see any new pictures. So, instead of posting a useful message like that, I thought I'd post a pointless one - purely because I'm bored and should really be asleep.