More of the photos on the way

Andrea, who I work with at Reuters, has just put a selection of her cool photos from the past few weeks on MSN Photos, so I thought I'd let you all take a look. I do believe I'd been drinking in some of them, so that's my excuse for looking funny... :) (you need to click 'View slide show contents' to display them all)

I've just put in another roll of my own London photos to be developed too. I'll also be putting in my first Black and White roll (since about the age of 14) tomorrow, so keep an eye out for more photos on the site soon. I spent most of Monday night putting photos of friends on here (hidden though, to save their embarrassment).

Andrea, by the way, is just as (if not more) snap-happy with her camera as I am. If we go out to the pub after work at least one of us will have our camera out taking lots of photos of all the drinking people. Check out the pics of Jorunn drinking a whole pitcher to herself (honest - we didn't fake them).

I'm travelling up to Manchester over the weekend to catch up with friends for my birthday. I'll no doubt take more pictures of Manchester, but I suspect lots of them will be from the inside of pubs :)