Feature galleries

Manchester Mardi Gras 2002 - by Dan KarranAfter spending some more time last night putting new photos up in the Manchester Mardi Gras gallery, I thought I ought to tidy up the code and the structure of that part of the site a little.

I've moved the only gallery I've created so far, and created a photographic features page to allow for better access when I put more galleries on in the future. I've also added the galleries into the left hand menus under the photography section.

GoogleAll of this work helps promote my site further on Google too, which is always good. Currently Google is hooked on my site and keeps coming back every day to see what's new.

Please note: as I have changed some of the page locations, if I've given you a link to a non-public gallery then it won't work now. Email me and I'll tell you what the new address is for it...