Essentially a lack of news

I noticed it's been a few weeks since I last put up a post, and that the last one carried a similar feeling... Basically, there is no site news and there are no new photos as I haven't had a chance to go out when the weather's been nice and I haven't either been at work or in bed.

Two weekends ago I was up in Birmingham for a friends 21st birthday, which was good fun (despite the fiasco trying to get the right train tickets). Friday night involved countless bars, a stripclub and a nice cheap club with indie/cheesy music (Snobs Nightclub). Saturday I met up with another friend of mine, after spending a large portion of the day trying to find clothes to wear to a School Disco type club night. The night was cool even though we were just about the only people there who'd bothered with uniform :). Two nights clubbing in a row though, meant I was shattered by the time I came home on Sunday.

On Monday I was working on a new site for some friends up in Manchester, which involved a load of PHP coding and MySQL database stuff to get it to work properly. It works now though at least :)