Seasons Greetings!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly...Seasons greetings to all those choosing to visit my website instead of braving the freezing weather outside and fighting your way through the Christmas shopping crowds.

Some of you may have noticed that poor lonely little holly leaf dangling from the top of the site. Well, I was considering making the whole top banner of my site into a snowy wonderland, but then I found this nice little bit of holly in Paint Shop Pro and thought I'd use that instead; it saves hunting for snowy effects, after all :).

After work tonight, I decided to go out and do some Christmas shopping in Oxford Street. Whilst it wasn't anywhere near as busy as it was on Saturday - when I tried to start my seasonal shopping - it was still pretty hectic, and freeeeezing. Brrrr. I managed to find a few presents for people, but for the large part remained uninspired, which is a shame. On saturday, I didn't find any presents and all I ended up getting was a nice new, warm jacket for myself.

Coming home, I went via Marble Arch, just to find it all lit up in blue with music coming out from beneath. It turned out they had made it into an ice skating rink, so I went in and took some photos. That is, before the batteries in my camera decided they'd had enough. I knew I should have started carrying my spare set around with me as well. D'oh!