Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all my visitors for the coming year! As this is just about the end of the festive season, I've taken down the decorations which adorned my site for the past few weeks.

Jejo limited IT consultants - Aylesbury & Milon Keynes, UKFor my first posting of 2003, I am proud to announce the launch of a new website. I have been working on it with my clients Jejo limited. Based near Aylesbury and Milton Keynes, UK, Jejo offer IT consultancy services to Manufacturing and Facilities Management companies.

As a freelance web developer, I offer people quality website design for a fraction of the cost that many others will charge. I am often looking for new projects to embark on too, so if you think you may be interested in having a new website for your business, I'd love to hear from you...