Castles and Piers

Brighton PierAfter seeing the Tower of London on Saturday and then Leeds Castle on Sunday, I felt that it was time for a bit of a change. On Monday I jumped aboard a fast train to Brighton to enjoy some of the fantastic weather we're having at the moment in the UK. Again, we were on a nice new Connex train which was air conditioned - a nice break from a bustling Victoria station on a hot day! Stepping out of the train, we found a busy, clammy and hazy city, but nowhere near as bad as it looked in the photos from over the weekend - luckily!

I took a few pictures, but not that many... not enough blue skies for my liking. Instead, I spent a lot of my time wandering around Brighton beach, pier and shops - I ended up looking like a lobster. D'oh! There are some nice pictures of the Pavillion though I think, and hopefully I'll get a chance to put them up here soon... There are already 3 photos in the gallery from last time I visted.