Cambridge and chaos in London

King's College, CambridgeI got some of my pictures back yesterday from my trip to Cambridge on Saturday. Some of them have come out really well, with stunning blue skies, even the guy in the photo place said so - though I personally think he was just trying to justify me spending so much money getting photos developed in his shop!

Once I'd put the films in to be developed yesterday - including one from before Christmas that was still sitting in my camera - I headed down towards Hyde Park where there was a big event on. Red Bull had organised a 'Flug Tag' (Flying Day) whereby a number of teams would make themselves a flying machine and try and get it - and them - as far across the Serpentine as possible. It sounded like really good fun, and something to occupy me on what would otherwise have been a lazy Sunday afternoon.

By the time I'd got to the park though, I found no way to get in, with police guarding the entrances and saying 'the next one down is open', forcing thousands of people to fight their way down the pavements and roads of London. By the time I finally found a way in, I couldn't move for people, and then couldn't find any shops which still had drinks left - no water, not even Red Bull! Feeling very dehydrated and dizzy, I tried to find my way back to Oxford Street and Marks and Spencer.

Great way to organise an event, Red Bull.