Leeds Castle

Leeds CastleYesterday, I took a day trip out of London with some friends to see Leeds Castle - apparently the "Lovliest Castle in the World". Oddly, this castle isn't actually in Leeds, it's near Maidstone in Kent, but none the less it was a lovely castle. We had originally only gone to visit the grounds but after much confusion at the train station (in Bearsted), they told us that we couldn't just do that, we'd have to buy tickets for the castle as well. So, that's what we did. It's better than just looking around a castle's carpark, afterall!

The weather was sweltering and only just made bearable by the air conditioning on the train (thanks, Connex!) and the cool air circulating around within the castle itself.

I took a batch of photos of the castle and its surroundings, so hopefully I'll get a chance to put them up here soon...