About time for an update

Well, it's getting close to a month since I last left an update on the website so here's the latest...

University life is going well - even if we do have lots of lectures and on top of that we have reading and work to hand in. It's going to be a tough year but definately worth it... The lectures are all very interesting and many are well beyond the topics that I learned in my final year in Manchester, which of course means that they are challenging to me as well.

UCL Union PhotoSocIn an attempt to keep me sane I'm trying to keep my social life in a sensible state and I've joined the UCL Photo Society so I can learn once again how to develop my own black and white photos - and to meet more people into photography as well. I've joined the committee and am helping get a website together for the society.

I am so close to uploading my new website as well - the one I've been promising for about a year. It's taking me time partly because I'm trying to restructure it so it is much more logical and also because I'm doing so many other things at the same time. The site is going to look something like the screenshots below:

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