White Christmas photos

Snow covered fields in the south of the Isle of Man on Christmas Day 2004Hopefully you are all still enjoying the remains of the turkey. Because I've eaten so much over the past few days I'm not able to walk easily so I've taken the time to add some new photos to the website. As you probably gathered from my Christmas Day news posting, we had a white Christmas here in the Isle of Man this year, so I've put some photos from the day into my South Barrule photo gallery.

There are also some great White Christmas photos on the other Isle of Man photo websites:

It's great to see how many local photo sites are around now, and they always show such beautiful pictures.

The weekend before coming back to the Isle of Man for Christmas, I visited Bath for a few days with my friends. We didn't have the nicest weather but luckily most of the Roman Baths are covered, protecting us from the rain. I have put some photos from the Roman Baths into a new Bath photo gallery but hope to go back in the near future to explore the place in better weather...