Senior Full Stack Developer with a background in geospatial data

A full stack developer with over two decades experience building web applications using open source technologies, working both in an independent capacity and with small teams to design and build core products and services. I'm eager to explore new technologies and industry verticals, especially where maps, data and technology intersect. I have a proven track record in hands-on development, and would be keen to move towards opportunities where I can improve my mentorship and leadership skills.


Career History

Jan 2012
- present
Full Stack Geo & Web Developer · Geobits Ltd (founder), London
Working with Drupal, Laravel, PostgreSQL, Python, geospatial and mobile projects as a contractor and freelance developer. Larger projects are listed below.
Jan 2020
- Sep 2022
Lead Developer · Clearwater Dynamics Ltd, London
Designing and developing new Insurtech solutions for the Marine Insurance sector using Laravel and Vue.js. Designing and developing Python microservices using Falcon, Athena and PostgreSQL with PostGIS to perform spatial analysis on historical ship tracking data for client reports. Backend systems administration and support for the company's web services.
Jan 2019
- Dec 2019
Lead Developer · Clearwater Dynamics Ltd (contractor), London
Leading a project to design and develop a big data solution to track all vessels globally using a number of satellite and terrestrial AIS data sources. Providing quality assurance for all data products and services. Designing enhanced data analysis and classification services to build added value for the business. Delivering ad-hoc spatial data analysis and reports for clients. Developing QGIS templates and SQL tutorials and documentation for colleagues to be able to produce custom data analysis and reports more easily and with improved consistency.
Oct 2017
- Dec 2018
Full Stack Geo & Web Developer · Clearwater Dynamics Ltd (contractor), London
Delivering continued product enhancement, new feature development, maintenance and support of the vessel tracking system to keep pace with expanding business needs. Working with customers to create tailored solutions on top of the shared platform.
Aug 2013
- Oct 2017
Full Stack Geo & Web Developer · Clearwater Dynamics Ltd (subcontractor), London
Responsible for all aspects of developing a comprehensive new global vessel tracking system. Working directly with the end client to understand and evolve the project requirements, build a prototype, and then develop and deliver the final product. Developing frontend mapping interfaces, backend integration with multiple APIs, web services and transactional email-based interfaces providing satellite and terrestrial tracking data and 2-way communication with vessels. Using Drupal with a range of custom-built modules, Postgres, PostGIS, Leaflet, jQuery, and utilising a range of AWS services.
Feb 2013
- Oct 2017
Full Stack Geo & Web Developer · FIND Mapping Ltd (contractor), London
Building web app prototypes and products as well as maintaining and extending existing in-house web apps to enhance functionality and integrate with 3rd party APIs.
Sep 2012
- Dec 2012
Mobile App Developer · Bomb Sight (contractor), London
Developing a geographically oriented Android mobile app using the PhoneGap framework and Wikitude Augmented Reality library to display historic information about WWII bomb damage in London.
Jan 2012
- Apr 2012
Drupal Site Builder · Esri UK Ltd (contractor), Aylesbury
Building a Drupal website on IIS/SQL Server, including theming and design work, Drupal Commerce setup for event-based bookings, development of WorldPay integration, training team members in content editing, site building and site maintenance.
Jan 2010
- Dec 2011
Lead Programmer · Inteeka Ltd, London
Building Drupal sites including e-commerce projects, developing modules for data migration, simplified content management, estate agency related features and other bespoke projects, as well as customising themes for desktop and mobile use, and developing mobile sites and app prototypes. Also responsible for the setup and administration of Linux servers.
Oct 2005
- Dec 2009
Software Engineer, Solution Architect and Consultant · M.C. Dean, Stuttgart and London
Working with government clients, integrating geographic information tools with Drupal, architecting installations, Drupal module design and development, multi-site integration, testing and bug fixing, technical support.
- 2005
Various full time, part-time and freelance Web Developer roles
Website building, maintenance and support.


- 2005
MSc Geographic Information Science · University College London
Graduated with Distinction
Dissertation: Spatial analysis and representation of usage patterns for a web-based service locator system
- 2004
BSc Computing and Geography with Year in Industry · University of Manchester / UMIST
Graduated with 2:i
Year in Industry: Web Developer at Reuters, London
Final project: Housing locator website built in PHP using a MySQL database with a geographic search tool
- 2000
A-Levels and GCSEs · Castle Rushen High School
A-levels: 2 B (Computing, General Studies), 1 C (Geography), 1 E (Maths Mechanics)
GCSEs: 3 A (Information Tech, Geography, Maths), 6 B (inc. English) and a C